We’re looking for a few good Neighborhood Explorers Alumni!

We’re looking for a few good Neighborhood Explorers Alumni!

Neighborhood Explorers from Boys and Girls Harbor talk about their work to create new forms of housing for future New Yorkers.

This is Neighborhood Explorers’ final video, “From Garbage to Gardens.” Check it out to learn more about New York City’s garbage problem, and the ways that compost can help reduce trash!

Join Neighborhod Explorers from Lehman Village Community Center to learn about their work to reduce waste in their neighborhood. Hands-on activities will teach workshop participants how compost transforms garbage into gardens and how they can start greening their own neighborhoods!

Saturday, February 16 from 2:00-4:00pm
Museum of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue

RSVP here: facebook.com/events/158849437600407/
(between 103rd and 104th St.)

On December 15, 2012, Neighborhood Explorers from the East Harlem School joined the Museum of the City of New York to share exciting new ideas for the East River Esplanade. Check out their process and reflections!

On December 5, 2012, Neighborhood Explorers from Lehman Village created mental maps of their neighborhood. This is a very common urban design exercise that helps people articulate their perceptions of their community. As the Neighborhood Explorers learned through this workshop, there are often significant differences in how we think about our community, and how it is actually designed.

This week, Neighborhood Explorers from Lehman Village created mental maps of their neighborhood. Stay tuned for their video blog describing their experience!

Yesterday, Neighborhood Explorers watched Trashopolis on the Smithsonian Channel to learn about 400 years worth of garbage in New York City. Check out the preview above, and read our interviews to learn more about our trash talk!

Trashopolis Interview, Desiree and Traishaun

Desiree:Now that you know about the “wonders of trash,” would you ever want to pursue a career working with it?

Traishaun:No, I would not, but I will recycle my garbage. I don’t like touching dirty things like food or gum.

Desiree:Do you have any new or innovative ideas about what to do with trash?

Traishaun:You should recycle every day—even on the weekends. It would be cool to make a dirt bike that runs on trash. Desiree, would you ever dig up garbage out of the water?

Desiree: I would like to if I could. It seems interesting to do. Also, I could make money with the things that I found by selling them to museums.*

Traishaun:Would you ever want to have a career where you do stuff with garbage?

Desiree: Maybe—it seems interesting and kind of fun to see what trash was like back in the old times.

* Coordinator’s Note: In this session, Neighborhood Explorers also learned about Underwater New York, an online journal that explores the stories behind objects found in New York City waterways. UNY also sometimes hosts exhibitions and events at museums.

Trashopolis Interview, Bilihissa and Sade

Bilihissa:What did you think about Trashopolis?

Sade:It was very informational and fun to learn about. What did you think?

Bilihissa: It was interesting—I liked how it changed each year. What did you think about people like Alfred White, who profited from garbage?

Sade: I think he was doing the best he could. If garbage keeps piling up, what do you think would happen?

Bilihissa: I don’t know but I think that people in the city need to come together to help with this problem.